Frequently Asked Questions

How long does one continue to take homeopathic remedies?

This depends very much on the individual nature of your problem. After the initial consultation it is usual to come for two to three follow ups over the course of three to four months. This gives me an opportunity to discuss in detail how you are and adapt any subsequent remedy prescription.

Should I stop taking my prescribed medication?

No, you should never stop taking any prescribed medications unless so directed by the Doctor who placed you on them. This is not a judgement that can be taken without consultation with your Doctor so please communicate at all times with any health professionals responsible for your care.

Is Homeopathy recognised by private health insurance companies?

Yes, HSA, now known as Simply Health, Health Shield, Norwich Union & First Assist Group Assurance provide cover and other companies are steadily beginning to recognise the value of Homeopathy to their clients. If you have private health cover it is worth checking if your company is prepared to offer this important support.

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation for an adult which can take up to one and a half hours is 60. Follow up, usually thirty to forty minutes, costs 40.

An initial child consultation which takes one hour, is 45 and follow up, usually thirty to forty minutes, is 25.

Home visits can be arranged within a reasonable distance. Fee is normally an additional 10 by arrangement plus travel costs.